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  Studio Policies

We assume you're sending mixes that you have listened to carefully and already approve for mastering. We're happy to address any balance issues that concern you.  One of our goals is to open up the sound and make everything clear and warm. But remember, your mastered CDR may reveal more than you knew was in your mix.  Like percussion ditties that were buried... room sound on the drums.... breathing in the vocals... distortion in tracks that was covered up by excess low end in the mix...

Not to panic. It will all work out - assuming there's enough of a time allowed - so plan ahead! Have your ISRC Codes AHEAD OF TIME! We must have them prior to creating your master!  Save time by carefully listening to your master files and/or Separations to be sure there are no clicks, gaps or other sonic issues that can occur on digital systems. 

Masters are released upon full payment.

Record Labels

We provide certified masters for a fee of $250.00 each. Red Book compliant with all UPC/ISRC information provided - audio/data checked.

Indie Artists/Producers

Please take the time to carefully listen to one of the masters from beginning to end on a good system or headphones so that you can be sure that everything is perfect.

Once you have your master it's your responsibility that the music and documentation is 100% correct.

Rather than charge up to $500.00 for a single certified master (the way that some studios do) we have you do the final check-through and save that extra money. 

Certainly if the CD pressing plant you use finds any defects in a master that you submit, we'll promptly replace the master at no charge to you.  Any duplication or replication company you use is only responsible for copying exactly what you give them.

Since you approved your reference disc (or have authorized us to approve it) everything should be the same, unless there were minor changes that we both know about.

In any case, double-check that:
• The start ID's all work correctly from song-to-song and the spacing feels right
• The CD Text information on your documentation is spelled correctly
• There are no tics, glitches, dropouts or any other audio issues
• Your ISRC codes are correct for each song
• Any other bar codes, catalog numbers, contact info is correct on your documentation
• I recommend that the data on your master is transferred to the Glass Master (made by the pressing plant) at 1X (1-times speed) or 2X, but no faster than 4X.  Ask them if there is an extra charge for this service.

Common question: Why don't the titles of the songs show up on my computer like other consumer CD's?

The answer is because
CD TEXT is not the same as CDDB (CD Data Base). We provide CD Text - that's when you put your CD into a modern car player, DVD player, (some) boom boxes that have alpha-numeric displays that show the titles/artist name, etc.

CDDB is when your CD automatically shows the titles, artist name, etc. in iTunes or other computer player. You are required (or your digital distribution company is required) to input this information - it is not part of our services. If you do this yourself, use iTunes "Get Info" to access the information fields - input all the titles, names etc. - then used the Advanced>Submit Track Names selection in the menu bar. NOTE: ONCE YOU'VE CLICKED Submit Track Names it is DONE. Double check your spelling! This works for iTunes. For Windows Media players, contact (or submit a CD) to

IMPORTANT: Whether you come in or you send your masters by mail, BACK THEM UP. We're not responsible for lost or damaged masters either by us or your shipping company. So far all masters have been safe and accounted for, but be on the safe side by making DVD, CD, data files, or analog copies. If you're on DAT or dedicated CD burner, make an extra pass of your mix on separate tapes for each song - one (first generation) tape/CD to be kept by you. This is just a good idea even if your tapes never leave your sight.

Once here, we will take all reasonable measure to ensure the security of your project, but you are responsible for having backup mixes that stay in your possession while we're mastering your project. Insurance on your project can be a good idea too.

More about BACKING UP your masters
"Just got the CD in the mail today.  I have one word for you.  Wow!  It sounds simply amazing.  The level is perfect, everything sticks out from the music so much more, and the subtle details have all come to the front!  Excellent work."
-Jon King, Greenville, IL
"Your great mastering job got the low end fuller, while maintaining, and even enhancing the clarity of if all.  Plus, it sounds like it's exploding out of all the sound systems I played it on!"
-Michael Dulin, Lake Quivira, KS

All CDR's are physically guaranteed.
YOUR part of mastering is to take your reference CDR and listen to it on different systems to evaluate the sound, spacing between songs, edits, etc.  After you have approved your reference CDR, then it is YOUR part of quality control to listen to the actual master CDR you accept from us to be sure it's 100% perfect for you.  We would have to charge you for the time to listen "start to finish" to your CD, so in order to save you that cost, we hold YOU responsible for making the FINAL APPROVAL of the disc you will submit to any replication or duplication plant.  We will fix any mistake or error on our part at no charge, but we assume no liability for anything you accept from us. Here's why:

On very rare occasion, a click, gap or other unexpected sonic issue may occur in the audio on the disc that may or may not be caused by faulty media.  Vestman Mastering can not be held liable for these errors. As a matter of course, if an audio error is found on a disc, the disc will be replaced at no charge to the client.  Therefore, it is highly suggested that you take your replication master disc and listen to it at least one time "from beginning to end" on a quality CD player, through quality loudspeakers or headphones - remembering to also check for correct placement of track start locations and any CD text (may not appear on reference discs if DDP masters are used).  Your part is also to keep your masters totally clean and free from scratches or dust!  Do not listen to your master in a moving vehicle, as scratches commonly occur in those cases. 

Have your ISRC Codes ahead of time! We must have them prior to creating your master! Always plan ahead -- even when it comes to your graphics and pressings. Different pressing plants have different methods for including ISRC codes and CD text, so be sure to fill out their informational sheets completely to include all information and/or encoded data that you want on your pressed CDs.

Changes to the sound, edits or other creative aspects: Keep in mind when listening to your final MASTER CDR that you may decide you wa
nt additional creative changes. Perhaps that solo piano would sound better if it were fuller in the low end -- or the fade on Track 6 should be a little shorter, etc. These are artistic preferences and we will work with you within reason to accommodate these types of sonic and/or musical second thoughts.  But second thoughts are not defects on our part.  We strive before and during a project to ensure that, as a part of your production team, we are all clear on exactly what you want for your project. Communication, especially up front, is everything in this regard.  When discussing changes, remember to differentiate between a defect and a preference.

The good news is that mastering is repeatable and changes are easy to make. If you hear something that's bothersome, it's really helpful if you tell use the exact time in the song where the sound occurs that you have a question about. Changes can be creative too, so keep an open mind when you hear your 1st master CDR.

All the information that the replication plant will need will be included with the mastered CD.

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