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John's musical background

Experiencia Musical

Client satisfaction, comments, response

Clientes satisfechos

Partial List of Clients and Labels and More Client's CD covers
Biografia de John Vestman (al menos una porción)
Mastering information

Separations - the BEST format to deliver to the mastering studio! 

How to create Separations and an Illustrated History of Separations

Basic display of separated vocals and instruments in 1998: a Pre-Separations look

10 common CD/audio file mistakes to avoid

Diez Errores de CD Comunes que Debemos Evitar

Cutting a Hot CD

Mastering procedures and How to prepare for mastering your CD

Como Prepararse Para Masterizar Un CD

Equipment list

Surprising differences mastering can give you

What to expect (and not expect) from mastering

Hot CD Disease?!?!?

Before/after graphic display - waveforms illustrate the change in sound

Creative changes or basic corrections that can occur after you have your first master CDR

Is there a difference between John Vestman Mastering and Bernie Grundman Mastering?

DVD+R's don't sound as good as DVD-R's, MP3 recommendations and fast file sending!

Mastering info if you're out of the Orange County area

Mastering engineer career Q & A and should artist emails be professionally formatted?

Q & A on Radio sound - plus a look at Sting, Hole (Courtney Love) and client album covers

Using your Digital Audio Workstation (or hard disc system) as the source for mastering

Mastering for cassettes

References for excellently recorded and mastered CD's - a must for effective A/B'ing

Information about better studio recording

Eq to multitrack or save it for mastering and can you get a good master using software pluggins?

Tips on miking, particularly drum sounds

Getting great amplified guitar sounds and acoustic guitar miking

Tips about vocals, better vocal performances

Info about better vocal sound

Secrets of Mixing

Even More Secrets of Mixing and common issues about Polarity

Keys to getting a bigger sound on tape (or disc) even before mastering

Q & A about Mixing Issues, CD-Rs and DATs and low end problems when mixing

Eq Settings That Make Your Music Come Alive

Should your mix-on-CD sound as loud as commercial CD's?

Studio Monitor Madness

Even more about studio monitors and metering

Solutions for how to avoid mix problems! and Mixing Meter Madness - bridging the digital/VU meter gap!

Digital Audio Workstation Summing comparison article!

Compression explained - and is there one setting that works for all?

R&B Tips - should we not use any compression during the mix session?

Info about analog and thoughts about mixing to analog tape

Should cutting a glass master at 1X cost more? - More DDP and replication info

Q & A about hard disc recording, reverbs, preamps and more

Q & A - What was it that made that authentic '60's sound?

Q & A - Mixing, monitoring, mics, mastering for MP3, CDRs, high's low's and better sound... and more!

Q & A - How to make vocals sit better in the mix, better guitars & warmth in the mix

Q & A - Home studio advice - sound isolation for the home, mix formats and more

Q & A - Stereo widening techniques, keeping the soul in recordings

Q & A - Could it be possible there's even MORE Q&A?

Q & A - What should I do if the artist and the engineer have very different opinions?

Q & A - Are there engineering opportunities for me if I'm older than a typical entry level person?

Our page to easily upload your files to us and a how-to page on using FTP software like Fetch

LA - Orange County Guitar Instructors

LA - Orange County Vocal Coaches

LA - Orange County Percussion Instructors

LA - Orange County Keyboard Instructors

LA - Orange County Music Attorneys

LA - A&R Directory

LA- Orange County Recording Studios

Checklist for project recording studio owners (by Roger Nichols)

Must we analyze digital sound under the microscope when a 13-year old won't know the difference anyway?

Backup your masters!!!

How to do critical listening - making cheap (or free) sound tweaks from Mapleshade

How to get better rehearsal sound

How to Align a 2-Track Analog Machine Part 1

Azimuth Alignment

Mixing tips for acoustic piano - by Erik Zobler

Marketing your product

Super-charge your career moves RIGHT NOW! Great career consultation contacts - a must read! 

ISRC codes - Tracking royalties - IMPORTANT for iTunes and more - An updated must read!

10 important tips on how to market your music

Interview with members of the band "Fisher" about Internet promotion and CD Baby - a better "record company?"

Why Networking=Musical Success

Booking your own tour

CD Broker info (and how does CD Baby handle MFiT files)

Does my demo have to be polished to get label interest? Music attorney Ronald S. Bienstock answers...

Music Industry Links: Taking the next step - resources you can use NOW - this is a must-read for marketing, promotion and contacts!

Even more great links, as if the first page wasn't enough...

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My thoughts on Positive Thinking

Online Sales Chart - Where is the Money Made?

Music Law Info
John Vestman's previous recording studio and magazine articles
Separation Mastering

John Vestman & Don Sundstrom

EQ Magazine

May 2006
article about Separation Mastering

Read JV's interview with Stephen Marcussen in the May 2003 issue of EQ Magazine!

Here's the unedited interview!

Trianon - Studio A

Trianon Recording Studio A

Studio B

Pro Sound News

Eq Magazine

R.E.P Magazine

No Cover Magazine

Mastering Music at Home

Studio One

Studio One

The Headway Music Complex in the Jan 2002 issue of Pro Sound News
Cypress College

The John Vestman Mastering web site is
part of the curriculum of Cypress College, Cypress, California.  John's guest speaking includes engineering schools such as Ex'presssion Center in Northern California
and the Conservatory of Recording Arts
and Sciences in Phenix, AZ
Nautilus NEMO DMC-8
NEMO DMC-8 Discrete Class-A
Monitor Controller

COMMANDER - 8-Channel mixer

Ex'pression Center

July 2003, JV was a guest speaker Ex'pression Center for New Media - June 2005 JV spoke at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Phoenix, Arizona.

Doing some research can save you time

Major artists are fed up with MP3s and less-than-fabulous sound. Computers, Smartphones and internet services are faster - so now HIGH-RESOLUTION AUDIO is in demand. Mastered for iTunes has been a great start.

Your product deserves the same attention to detail that is available with LOSSLESS STREAMING services such as Tidal. The reviews will produce discussions, to be sure, but the trend is undeniable.

With Apple's Sound Check and VOLUME-MATCHING FEATURES now found on YouTube, iTunes Radio and more - the loudness war will be substantially less important. Better sounding music will prevail. New high-resolution audio players will replace the iPod for the more discerning listner. We are here to make your sound Future-Ready.