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  Studio Rates and Policies

  Record Label, Movie studio, Prod. Company Grammy detail
The ultimate
  $250.00 per hour plus materials. Time and charges vary depending on processing enhancements requested
Meticulous attention to detail, MFiT
Per song rate - Premium
Indie Project Rate
Best for MFiT
$150.00 per song plus masters* and shipping.
45 minutes of superb attention to detail and consistency. Stereo, Separations or Stems.
Includes one free set of revisions. 
Additional revisions @ $200.00 per hour
Per song rate - Expert
Indie Project Rate
Cost effective
Not ideal for MFiT
$100.00 per song plus masters* and shipping.
    30 minutes of excellent attention to detail. Best sonic value. Stereo, Separations or Stems.
Includes one free set of revisions.
Additional revisions @ $200.00 per hour

Indie studio time is $200.00 per hour - charged in 1/4 hour increments.
Reference discs, master discs, MFiT files and DDP's are additional.

The above per-song rate is not a guaranteed "any-amount-of-time-needed" rate.
It's a guide so we achieve your sonic goals and your financial goals.
Additional charges required for songs longer than 4 minutes.

All digital and analog processing real-time processing into Sequoia Master Workstation
MFiT compliant monitoring (actual MFiT file creation is separate) • Sequencing, editing, level correction Setting track IDs, EQ documentation archived on premises, PQ ISRC UPC and CD Text data entry CDR track time sheet printout, time and charges documentation.

Does not include: Any required manual timing corrections of Separation (stem) files that are not properly in sync. Reloading of files to replace defective files (like if your vocals have stereo verb in your mix, but your stems are mono) require an added $50 for re-set up. No exceptions, so check your files!!

Reconfiguring a Separation file into stems (example: splitting a Drum Separation into individual Kic / Snare / Toms / Cymbal stems) is $50.00 per song or studio time.

About your budget: The first few songs of any project always takes the longest amount of mastering time to carefully calibrate your sound. If you are sending in a single track, it's better to budget a larger amount for a better result. If you are sending in 5 or more songs, you can figure that the later songs will take less time than the first songs, and the cost will be less per song as the project unfolds (in most cases).

See our studio policies

What we deliver to you:
Audio Files, MFiT files, Reference Discs, CDR Masters, or DDP Masters
Studio time is not charged for making reference discs or master discs.
Audio files sent over the internet to you at no extra charge.

* MFiT (Mastered For iTunes) high-resolution master files are $25 each
* FLAC files (easy for CD Baby uploading, digital distribution) are $25 each
* Reference discs (each disc) are $5.00 per song ($10.00 minimum)

* CDR Masters (each disc) are $10.00 per song. ($20.00 minimum)
* DDP masters (each disc or file delivery) are a flat $200.00
* Instrumental and TV mixes are $20 each (additional files may be required)
* Certified clip-free MP3, AAC files are $35 each including your URL, ISRC code

Masters include your label's name, catalog number, ISRC and UPC codes (if provided), CD Text and documentation. Note: CD Text imbedded into your master(s) appears only on CD/DVD players with alpha-displays. Click here to read about CDDB (CD Data Base)
Click here to read about Mastered for iTunes files, Apple's Sound Check feature

For your song/album information to appear in your computer’s iTunes (or other) program, you must upload the information onto the CD Data Base (CDDB) using iTunes,, TuneCore or other service. CDDB does not originate from the physical masters we provide.

Restoration, de-clicking, de-crackling, de-hissing, denoising, Spectral Cleaning etc. requires additional studio time and charges.
ISRC code information here


Contact us or better yet, call! 714-349-4147

Formats we accept:

Stereo audio files:

24 or 32 bit 96k, 88.2k, 48k, 44.1k - WAV, AIFF or SDII

16 bit 48k or 44.1 24 bit - WAV, AIFF, or SDII

DAT tape, Audio CDR's, MP3's, MPEG's

Stereo interleaved wav files are preferred

- the best sounding, most powerful mastering format!
Note - Save time and money. Load all Separation (aka stem) files that you make into a new mixing session and double-
check all of your tracks are accounted for. Nothing from your approved mix should be omitted or redundant.
Extra charges will apply if we have to reload new files to add-to or replace incorrect files.)

24 or 32 bit 96k, 88.2k, 48k, 44.1k SDII, AIFF, or WAV

16 bit 48k or 44.1 24 bit SDII, AIFF or WAV

Analog tape - $200.00 setup fee required
1/2" or 1/4" 30 ips, 15 ips, 7 1/2 ips, non-Dolby, Dolby (additional charge required)
Please include test tones. Additional setup fees apply if your test tones are not available.

• No extra charge to load in your first Separation files (exception with defective files)
• Absolutely no extra charge to attend mastering sessions

• Ask us about extra charges when bringing in an entire DAW system (NOT required for Separations)
• Compilation projects take longer due to the variety of mixes, styles, etc.
• Rush or overtime charges apply

Time savers: Consistent mixes, organized files, accurately made stereo Separations (all panning/automation the same as the 2-track mix), detailed documentation, clear goals, Beats-Per-Minute info, sample rate info, your favorite audio reference tracks from CDs included as an example of your preferences.  Clear communication of your goals is always best!  Read further on this web site for insights on all aspects of recording. Include the song order, CD title (if any), artist name etc. with your booking information.

Note: Save stereo files as 24 or 32 bit files, even if your tracks are recorded at 16 bit.  Do not increase the sampling rate, only the bit rate. Important: Have your ISRC Codes ahead of time! We must have them prior to creating your master.

We recommend using Fed Ex for the most reliable delivery service over all other carriers.

Money savers:
Accurately made stereo Separations (all panning/automation the same as the 2-track mix), detailed documentation, clear goals, Secrets of Miking, Secrets of Mixing, Common mixing mistakes to avoid, Polarity issues, much more.

Turnaround time
: One-to-two days for local studio-attended sessions. Out-of-town clients should book the actual day with us via phone or email so your time is reserved like all other sessions.  Send your files in ahead of schedule to help expedite! When we have several deadlines occurring around the same time, we may need some flexibility in case projects we're working on need extra attention.

Bring in (or send in) a standard audio CD(s) of your mixes so we can reference what you're accustomed to hearing vs. the new mastered version. Also, bring in a couple commercial CDs that you love the sound of (the musical style doesn't have to match perfectly - we're more interested in the sound that you like).

Your discs must be free of any scratches, finger prints, ketchup or any other contaminant! Do not use paper labels and only write on the top of CDRs with a soft felt-tip pen prior to burning the CDR, not after burning.

Shipping and handling for out-of-town is additional, usually $20.00 to $55.00 depending on carrier and destination.

Upon delivery, listen to your reference CDR on different home and car systems FIRST (compare it with other commercial CD's) before you go back and listen in the studio. Important: Listen to your reference discs anywhere. Only listen to masters in a NON-moving car or Walkman disc player. Moving CD players can scratch the disc and cause it to be rejected by the pressing plant. If handled carefully, the CDR you have can be sent to the plant.  While most clients are happy with their first reference CDR, if you need any creative revisions or modifications, it's fast and easy to do. The regular studio rate applies for whatever additional changes you request.  Check ahead to see if your pressing plant accepts both audio CDR masters as well as DDP masters. The plant makes the GLASS master.

Important info if you're out-of-town

Studio policies - Product warrantee

Important - CDR/DDP Masters in your possession
What to do prior to submission for pressing

Mastered For iTunes - Apple certified

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