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  About John Vestman, Mastering Engineer  

John Vestman, violinist, engineer

In 1975, John Vestman began a continuous 20-year career as a recording studio owner, engineer and producer in Southern California. With thousands of multi track recordings to his credit, John Vestman garnered a reputation as a skillful recordist and session musician/vocalist/coach - completing vinyl records, post production for film and Compact Disc recordings.

For over 15 years he has continuously provided mastering services for clients ranging from record labels to local musicians to Gold & Platinum and international Grammy-winning artists.

Presented with RIAA Gold and Platinum records, he is one of the first engineers to use a refined audiophile listening system in a professional recording environment. He has 3 artists that were Grammy nominated.

He is noted for developing ground-breaking audio techniques. John Vestman's audiophile and musically-based understanding of sound keeps him at the cutting edge of recording developments.

John Vestman + Win The Day - 2012 Rock Single of the Year
John's Musical Background

John has a rare fusion of musical and technical experience, giving him a background that brings the best to any mastering project. Any mastering engineer's point of reference is where any engineer bases his or her influence that is applied to your project. Like multi-Grammy winners Bob Ludwig, Ted Jensen and Doug Sax, John has a classical background that brings rich insights to his mastering style.

John maintains a vinyl and CD reference library of hundreds of recordings. Listening via his audiophile monitor system he has refined critical listening to an art in order to know a real-world picture of optimum sound.

John innovated and defined a more potent method of mastering audio, “HD Separation Mastering.” This versatile process produces a more open, robust musical sound, and is discussed in detail in EQ Magazine and in the book, "Mastering Music at Home" by Mitch Gallagher.

John’s relentless quest for the ultimate sound quality leads him to take traditional 2-track technology beyond it’s intended design, creating cutting edge masters for all of his clients. His preference for dynamically-accurate sound led him to utilize techniques that compliment the MFiT (Mastered For iTunes) format - even before the format appeared on the scene.

A classically trained violinist, he has played in the Orange Coast Symphony as well as in orchestras that performed in 11 European countries and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. He also played rock guitar and electric violin in his rock group, The 13th Our. The group appeared at Gazzarri's on the Sunset Strip, and often on the televised teen show, "Headshop" hosted by Elliot Mintz. His band opened for Fleetwood Mac (one time, but hey, it's a great name-dropper), appeared on TV (The Real Don Steele Show, Headshop), recorded in platinum-winning studios, and played night clubs in 6 states.

John has 8 1/2 years of voice training from Andrew Boettner, a Seth Riggs trained teacher.  He's sung backup vocals on a hundred+ projects, often doing multiple tracks, and engineering at the same time.  His knowledge of vocal technique helped him to get great vocal tracks. Check out the pages about recording vocals, and tips on better mixing to examine the depth that goes into a great vocal sound.

He has years of experience performing in college choirs, jazz bands, chamber groups and he has studied composition, theory, and ear training.

His interest in recording technology began as his band career ended, starting as an intern at Richard Perry’s famed Studio 55 in Los Angeles.

• Designer/owner of two 24 track recording studios for a span of 21 years (see pictures of Studio A, Studio B and Studio One) recording thousands of projects on 2" analog tape, ADAT's, post production for film and video, all styles of commercial music, various languages and industrial presentations.

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John Vestman is committed to the protection of all children everywhere.

John Vestman is committed to the
of all children everywhere.

John Vestman at the controls of the mastering room