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  Mixing at Vestman Mastering

The days of "my demo will get me signed" are over.

Record companies aren't looking to develop artists with "potential" - rather they want to see proven results. How many views has your YouTube video gotten? Is your fan base downloading your songs and following you on social networks? Is your sound competitive with major artists?

Being competitive with the "artist around the corner" won't assure you of a chance with a major label. They aren't listening to "locals" on a daily basis. A record label's first job is to listen to their artists on a daily basis, and have their finger on the pulse of other artists that they compete with.

Having your music label-ready is the key to having an edge in the market place, and the mix is key in getting your performances to sound their best.

We can help.

Our mixing studio is a great way to bridge the gap between getting all the right parts down and getting the muscle, the width and the projection that grabs the listener the FIRST time. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Start with with your strengths, eliminate the weak spots.

Your strengths include your performances, writing, unique and "transporting" music. But the weakest link in every studio is usually the monitor system. There's a hundred speakers to chose from, the monitor controller and bad cables can shrink the sound, and room acoustic tuning is an art unto itself.

Compose, record, edit and get the details done (composite vocal tracks, tuning, editing, etc.) -- then consolidate your tracks and send them to us to refine and put expert experience into a new mix for you.

Our strong points:

• Mixing is done on the same monitor system that is in our mastering room - Class-A Discrete electronics and audiophile speakers in a room tuned by John Vestman -- let 35 years of experience work for you now -- eliminate guesswork, get the edge. We hire the right engineer for your sound.

• Discrete Class-A analog summing mixer, balanced power, Apple Computing power, almost limitless plugins -- Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer all on board.

• Reasonable cost - only $40.00 per hour. Every project is different, but we can often get you to the next step (Separation Mastering) for about $100.00 per song (longer songs additional). Need more sonic detail? We can exceed your expectations.

The total advantage:

Now comes the fun part - we print out exactly the right stems needed to go to Separation Mastering. It's easy when the mastering room is right next door. No surprises.

Mastering is done using the same model speakers, the same model monitor controller, in a room tuned by John Vestman. Our mixing engineers dial in the stems perfectly - saving time, money and eliminating guesswork.

Mastering is now predictably easy, and in many cases, faster. We know what to expect and how to optimize your music for great mastering, every time.

The Magic

HD Separation Mastering utilizes the finest world-class analog and digital equipment available - a dream analog console at the control of John Vestman (Gold, Platinum and Grammy Nominated accomplishments) who is committed to your benefit. Why should you spend $100,000 when we already have?

We've already spent the years needed to acquire equipment that can make magic for you immediately - equipment that is known the world over and used by the best engineers in the industry.

Eddie Krammer - Inward Connections TSL and Discrete 500 Series
Eddie Krammer
Chris Lord-Alge - Inward Connections TSL tube limters

Chris Lord-Alge
Inward Connections Discrete 500 Series

Inward Connections

Inward Connections
Discrete Class-A equalizers, limiters and filters (pictured above) form the heart of the high-definition processing on our console. The Inward Connections discrete blocks give authority to the sound of the Pultec-style EQ, TSL-inspired discrete limiters (superb on bass) and parametric eq's. Add in our custom tube TSL-1 limiter used by Eddie Krammer, Chris-Lord Alge and other world class mixing engineers.

Inward Connections TSL tube Limiter

Our discrete-modified
Prism mastering eq and mastering compressor also exceeds the ones in the gear line-ups of Stephen Marcussen, Ted Jensen and others who's work is known the world over.

Prism Sound Mastering Compressor MLA-2

Prism Sound Mastering Equalizer MEA-2 at Vestman Mastering

Using 4 separate analog channels for HD Separation Mastering, the best discrete Class-A quality in our Buzz Audio SOC-20 compressor shows our commitment to making every layer of sound clean and rich. Analog summing of all this gear means your music gets taken to a new level of smooth yet solid tone that sounds the way records should sound.

Buzz Audio Class-A Discrete Optical Compressor

Nuance and sweet tone from our discrete Buzz REQ 2.2 equalizer adds to the possible enhancements for your sound. We particularly like the smooth qualities and fullness to bass, drums and stereo mixes.

Buzz Audio REQ 2.2 at Vestman Mastering

The Ultimate in Analog Summing for Mastering

Superb Discrete Class-A analog summing is accomplished through our Nautilus Master Technology COMMANDER. Functionality and appearance design by John Vestman, and electronics masterfully crafted by Steve Firlotte of Inward Connections and Tree Audio. This Mix Magazine Certified Hit is a classic design and gives a smooth, solid sound.

Nautilus COMMANDER analog summing at Vestman Mastering    Mix Magazine Certified Hit Award

Before and after:

We start by hearing your mix, hearing your goals, hearing your concerns. We take your tracks, add our ears, our expertise, our process, and give you back our new mix for your approval. You express, we tweak. Satisfaction guaranteed. Tell the labels to get ready.

After you approve our mix, we make the stems for mastering and now another layer of magic is applied, creating big sound that is musical and engaging. Getting from where you were before to where you are now is accomplished with ease.

Contact us with your questions. Some projects need a lot more time and refinement. But the process for all music is a professional, solid, reliable approach for the great sound you know is possible on your project.

Call us: 714-894-4000 ask about mixing services.

Q) What's the best mic pre to use on vocals? -Phil

There are lots of great microphone preamps out there, including the Neve 1073 (plus numerous clones of the 1073 design), the Inward Connections Magnum and Tree Audio's Branch, API's and Universal Audio LA-610's, Grace Design, Golden Age and more. The artist's performance is what's most important - as well as a great mic (tube models are my favorite). More tips on vocals here.

Created 6/14/13
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