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  Life Success For Musicians
S t r a t e g i e s   F o r   A c h i e v e m e n t


Life Success for Musicians
© Copyright 1993 John Vestman

Six audio cassette tapes & work booklet
Exciting answers for how to accelerate your career.

"A powerful breakthrough in personal development for musicians."
-John Gray, Ph.D., Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

"Here's a real prescription for success - easy to follow and to-the-point."
-Bernie Grundman, mastering engineer for over 100 platinum artists including Michael Jackson,
Barbara Streisand, Billy Idol, etc.

"...can make a huge impact on your career and your life."
-Fletcher Foster, publicity department, Arista Records

Program Content

Tape 1 Preparing for Success
Set the stage for more success and achievement.

Tape 2 Result Language
• Learn powerful strategies so that "society" can't stack the deck against you.

Tape 3 Relationship Solutions for Musicians (edited by Dr. John Gray)
• Men and women can gain more creative energy, and have better relationships.

Tape 4 The Self-Esteem/Wealth Connection
• Develop wealth-consciousness and prosperity.
• Increase your acceptance level and avoid self-defeat
• Powerful guidelines for achieving your goals. (Note: The "Acceptance Level" story continues on my Changing Self-Defeating Thinking page which includes a great success story that very well could have begun here...

Tape 5 Redesign Your Future
• Uncover the personal issues that set your career back - and use a powerful step-by-step plan.

Tape 6 Taking The Next Step
• How to easily make powerful choices for advancement.

"Every part of my life, my career, and my relationships has been touched by John's tapes."
-Dave Crigger - drummer for David Foster, Burt Bacharach, Dionne Warwick, James Ingram, Frank Zappa, etc.

"If some talented musicians I know would have applied the principals in John's tapes, you would have heard them by now."
-Steve Wood - former musical director & keyboard player for Kenny Loggins, IMAX composer

"...sure to help all musicians find more focus in their music and in their lives."
-Andrew Boettner - Professional voice teacher, platinum-record studio vocalist

"...really helped me through some life changing events. I also learned about how to talk to my son using the proper words and language. I just wanted to finally say thanks!" -Michael - Marietta, Georgia

"You gave a lot of importance on relationships, and I agree with that. The tapes gave me a better understanding of myself. My wife thanks you as well!"
  -Timo - Omega Music Mons - Belgium

 A portion of the profits from these tapes will go to nonprofit organizations committed to protecting children from abuse.

Childhelp USA

John Vestman is committed to the protection of all children everywhere.

John Vestman

© Copyright, 1993
All rights reserved
Creative Dreams Productions

"One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of optimism and a willingness to be nonjudgmental of others will counterbalance the [negative energy] of 90,000 individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels."

-Research of Dr. David Hawkins
quoted by Dr. Wayne Dye