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  Guitar Instructors In L.A. and Orange County

Mark Wein

Orange, CA
E-mail: premieremusic@

Specialties: Electric and Ac. Guitar in all styles
Experience: 15 years teaching, 19 years performing, Music degree
Rates: In-home $20/half-hour - $30/hour - $40 an hour to come to you!

Marti Buttwinick

Faunt School Of Creative Music
12725 Venture Blvd Suite G,
Studio City 91604

Specialty: All Syles
Experience: 25 years
Rates: On request

John Vester

Geisler Music
8410 W Third Street
West Hollywood

Specialty: All Syles
Experience: completed the Dick Groove program and has over 20 years in the business
Rates: On Request

Greg Orenstien
(production & composition)

Specialty: Rock blues
Experience: Berkeley grad 18 yrs., Ozzy Ozborne
Rate: $30/hr.

Kit Alderson
McCabe's Guitar Shop
3101 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica 90404
310 828 4497

Specialty: Folk & Pop
Experience: Over 30 years
Rate: On Request

David Goldman

Los Angeles


Specialty: Standard Guitar
Experience: 48 Years
Rate: On Request

Tim Daley

Coastal Teachers Assoc.
1533 West Baker Suite 3
Costa Mesa

call for info

July 2003, JV was guest speaker for "Insider's Day" at Ex'pression Center for New Media - an accellerated bachelor's degree in programs for careers in the digital arts.

Ex'pression Center

Michael Simpson
Aliso Viejo

Specialty: Hard rock, blues (Eric Johnson Style)
Experience: 28 years, toured with A&M band, Sting
Rate: $40/hour $20/half hr

Rod Poole
Los Angeles

Specialty: Acoustic
Experience: 24 years
Rate: On Request

John Tapella
No. Hollywood
818 506 6412

Specialty: All Styles
Experience: Transcriber for Eric Clapton, Steve Ray Vaughn
Rate: On Request

Loren Feidler
West Hollywood
323 650 1719 Home
323 654 4922

Specialty: Classic, rock, blues, jazz
Experience: Nat'l Gt. Workshop Instructor 10yrs.+
Rate: On request

Matt Heneger
Canoga Park
818 713 1197 Home

818 709 5650

Specialty: All Styles
Experience: Worked with artists like Ricky Haven
Rate: On Request

Shawn Fleming
714 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica
310 393 8232

Specialty: Jazz Classic, blues R&B Classic Rock
Experience: 5 Years
Rate: $45.00 per Hour

Hal Oppenheim
Sherman Oaks
818 784 2307

Specialty: All styles
Experience: 35 years
Rate: $35 Hour

Lee Wertman
Sam Ash Music Stores
12601 Atesia Blvd
562 496 1927 Home
562 468 1107

Richard Taesch
Southern California
Conservatory of Music
Sun Valley
818 767 6554

Chris Oaks
Mission Music
Mission Viejo
949 347 0900


Matt Michell
Sherman Oaks
818 513 2906

Specialty: All Styles
Experience: 20 YEARS
Rate: On Request