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  FTP Server Info

As a service to our clients, we provide a way where you can upload your music files to our FTP server. We recieve nearly 100 (audio) data files every week using this server.  The smoothest upload/download is by using FTP software installed on your computer.  I recommend Fetch for Mac and Filezilla (it's free) for the PC or Mac. 

FTP servers that hold the audio files use a (1) Hostname, (2) Username and (3) a User Password.  Once you enter this information, a window shows up that lets you access folders and files just like a hard drive on your computer.  Here's how to use Fetch (you can get a free trial version):

Download Fetch for the Mac. After installing the software,
open up a New Connection.

FTP Software help

2) Contact us to get an account Username and Password
3) Fill in the Hostname/ Username/ Password we give you by email
--IMPORTANT NOTE: if you Copy/ Paste the Hostname and Usename, be SURE that your computer doesn't add ghost html such as "Mailto:" or "ftp://" when you paste in the codes. This is a common issue!

4) Use Fetch to make a new folder in the FTP window

FTP Software help

5) Click on the "Put" icon and use your Macs finder browser to select the file(s) you want to upload

You can upload single or multiple files, or you can even upload folders with all the files you want us to receive.

Fetch FTP Software help

A little circle thingy will indicate how much has been uploaded, and Fetch will tell you when the files have all been uploaded.  A full song of separations should take an hour or less depending on the speed of your computer and your internet service.

Contact us to let us know when your files are uploaded. 

Downloading files from us

• When we upload mastered files for you to hear, we'll contact you - just use the same program and log in method.  You'll see a new folder that we create that will have your mastered files.  Double click on our new folder.  Select the file(s) we've sent and click on the "Get" icon.

Don't be shocked.  Fetch may give you an error message, but it just wants you to pick the hard drive/ folder where you want to save your files.

Pick your drive location and save the files.

Big Tip: When you burn the files onto a CDR, be sure to use an excellent quality 700MB Music CDR - and burn it at the SLOWEST speed your burner will go.  The slower the better the sound and the more reliable it is.  High-speed burns don't sound as good.  (Also the Mac "Burn Folder" sounds better than Toast, but that's a subject I don't want to chat about right now.... more wildness about digital sound here.

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Date created: 9/10/09
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