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  Technology Formats Tailored to Your Needs

Traditional Stereo Mastering
HD Separation Mastering
Time-tested Sonic Excellence

With 20 years of analog recording experience and 14 years of stereo mastering experience,  John Vestman gives any project the leading edge.

What to bring or send in for mastering:

• 2-Track stereo files - 16 bit, 24 bit, 32 bit aiff, wav, SDII
    Submit on CDR, DVD, flash drive, hard drive, web
• Analog formats - 1/4" 1/2" @ 7 1/2ips, 15ips, 30ips
    (Include test tones with master tapes)
• DAT tapes, Masterlink CD24, Audio CDRs

• Stereo formats are ideal when enhanced by our proprietary analog processing console, coupled with
32-bit floating processing and Acoustic Bit Correction™.

• Excellent mixes are ususally less costly than Separations. However mixes that need significant enhancements require more time and nearly cost the same.

• Superb top-of-the-line analog gear gives you the smooth, open, punchy sound your music deserves.

• Every setting is recallable and non-destructive.  Discrete Class-A processing opens a world of dynamic, full-bodied sonics.

• Guaranteed results - Our services give you flexible options and efficient turnaround.

The Ultimate Sonic Results

HD Separation Mastering is the most potent, flexible mastering process to date. Since 2005, John Vestman has been the leader in this powerful format.

What to bring or send in for mastering:

• Your approved stereo mix - 24 or 32 bit wav files
    Aiff, SDII files are fine, interleaved wav perferred
• Your Separations - 24 or 32 bit wav files (even if your project was recorded at 16 bit, make higher bit files)

• HD Separations creates a wider, clearer, more articulated sound.

• Enhancements made to vocals do not alter other aspects of the instruments. Changes made to drums, bass, or instruments do not alter the vocal tone.

• No additional equipment is required for the mixing engineer - all the benefit of analog summing without the expense - our console does the rest.

• Can restore peak material (drums, percussion) into the mix when loud levels usually "slam" down the punch and dynamic emphasis.

• Guaranteed results - Premium analog sound, non-destructive, easy recalls, ideal "Grammy level" refinement

Created 05/6/10 updated 1-16-11
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