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La masterización de un CD es el proceso final por el cual tú musica debe pasar antes de ser duplicada. Se necesita de un talento especial detras de la consola, para poder sacarle todo el potencial a tus mezclas; John Vestman, cuenta con mas de 30 años de experiencia como músico e ingeniero de audio y puede darle el mejor sonido a tu CD.
• La Filosofia: Poner mucha atencion en los detalles - Traditional 2-Track/ Separacions
• La calidad de nuestros trabajos se compara al de otros que se han hecho en instalaciones que nos duplican en costo

George Duke - Grammy Nominated
Mastered here:
George Duke
Grammy Nominated
Grammy Nominated

for Best Jazz Single

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Akwid - Grammy Nominated
Mastered here:
Grammy Nominated!
Grammy Nominated/
 Billboard winners

• Monitoreo que da una ecxelente referecia
• Manejamos todos los formatos de cinta
• 96k - 24-bit
• Excelente ubicación en Los Angeles
• Servicio Personal
• Masters Garantizados
• Duplicación e impresión
• Recibimos trabajos de fuera del Estado

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We Specialize In Separation Mastering as well
as innovative 2-Track Mastering techniques

• Both formats give better width and definition
• More flexible tonal control and refinements

• It's easy to make Separations for mastering

Articles featured in EQ Magazine and the 2007 "Mastering Music at Home" book
by Mitch Gallegher

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Brazil's A cappella BR6
Brazil's award-
winning group: BR6
Separation Mastering

Ha Tran

Ha Tran

Vietnam's Album
of the Year Award

Teena Marie
Teena Marie
Engineered by
Erik Zobler

The Music of Bruce Bierman and John Lennon
Compositions of
John Lennon
Bruce Bierman


Eden - Intentcity Records
Separation Mastering featured
on Intentcity Record's
amazing artist, Eden

Dean Grech

With Separation

Crosby Loggins
Crosby Loggins
with Separation

Hole - featuring
Courtney Love

Spiritual Chillout
Spiritual Chillout
One of our sonic
Anything But Monday
Separation Mastering featured
Universal's US/ European smash
group, Anything But Monday

Juice Newton - American Girl
Juice Newton:
American Girl

Alright This Time Just the Girls
Alright This Time
Just the Girls

Marc Seal
Marc Seal

Jeff Peterson
Grammy winning

Warner Brothers Web Concert Series - Sting

Warner Brother's Web Site's Live
Concert Series - our mastering: Sting

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John Vestman's Experiencia Musical
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Prepararse Para Masterizar + Get your ISRC Codes!
Simple ideas that can save you time and money
Tips for Recording Vocals
Getting the most from your vocalist (more on vocals)
Surprising Mastering Differences - Hot CD's are now Hotter!
Innovative CD Mastering is more than just EQ and levels!
Secrets for Better Miking
Drums, guitars, phase, experimentation and the source itself
The Equipment in Studio A
Hand-picked from the most respected in the industry
Gasp! The Myth of Digital Sound
Controversial to say the least. It's not all ones and zeros
Mastering Procedures - What to Expect from Mastering
What happens in a mastering session
Compression Explained
What the heck is really going on there!
Vestman-Recommended Reference CD's
We've included some comments about great sounding commercial CD's that we recommend as references when mixing or mastering. They're not all the newest, but they have time-tested elements that are actually more helpful.
Studio Monitor Madness!
It is so common that musicians get frustrated when their mixes don't sound the same at home as they do in the studio. There are distinct reasons for this, and there are things you can do about it!


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