AUDIO MASTERING, using both the traditional stereo 2-track process, and our unique stem mastering process, HD Separation Mastering, is the amazing final step your music takes before your product is digitally distributed, streamed, or your CD is manufactured.

Grammy-Nominated, Gold and Platinum projects have come from the touch that John Vestman brings to every project. Over 35 years of experience and amazing equipment gives the sonic edge that makes your music come alive.

Time-tested stereo mastering is brought to a new level with the finest analog and digital audio path available. Plus, many artists prefer HD Separation Mastering - when more detailed enhancements, dynamics, and no-compromise sound is desired.

Our proprietary system goes beyond the "goal" of standard CDs, MP3's and AAC's. We Provide Apple's Mastered For iTunes (MFiT) format - we prepare your audio for  High-Resolution Audio Files format, and eventually to stream using lossless audio. 

John Vestman High Definition Separation Mastering


Mastered For iTunes - Apple Certified

 John Vestman CD Mastering Studio A Control Room
John Vestman mastered George Duke - Grammy Nominated
George Duke
Grammy Nominated

John Vestman mastered Akwid - Grammy Nominated
Grammy Nominated

John Vestman mastered Sting - Warner Brothers Web Concert Series
Warner Brother's Website Live
Concert Series: Sting, Chili Peppers
John Vestman mastered Anything But Monday - Universal Records
HD Separation Mastering

Universal's Quadruple Platinum Anything But Monday
John Vestman mastered Jeff Peters
Grammy Nominated album
Jeff Peterson
John Vestman mastered Teena Marie
Teena Marie
Engineered by
Erik Zobler

Win The Day - Mastered by John Vestman
Win The Day
HD Separations
LA Music Awards

Mark Abel - Dream Gallery - on Delos Records
Mark Abel
HD Separations
Delos Records

John Vestman mastered Ha Tran  
Ha Tran

Vietnam's Album
of the Year Award

Eden - Mastered by John Vestman

Intentcity Records
HD Separation Mastering


Guru Groove Foundation

Guru Groove

HD Separations


RW Hampton - Mastered by John Vestman

RW Hampton

Western Music Association
multiple award


Nikolay Moiseenko - Mastered by John Vestman
Nikolay Moiseenko
Russian jazz artist
HD Separation Mastering


John Wackerman Drum Duets - Mastered by John Vestman

John Wackerman
Drum Duets
featuring Steve Gadd, Peter Erskine, Alex Acuna and more

John Vestman mastered Chaka Khan
 Chaka Khan

John Vestman mastered Jack Black
 Jack Black
John Vestman mastered Stephen Stills
 Stephen Stills
John Vestman mastered Tisha Campbell-Martin
 Tisha Campbell-Martin
Cal Harris Jr. - Mastered by John Vestman
Cal Harris Jr.
TOP 10 Charted
Smooth Jazz
HD Separations

John Vestman CD Mastering - Crosby Loggins

Crosby Loggins
with Separation

Courtney Love

John Vestman mastered Inventioning
Featuring the iconic singer, Jon Anderson
John Vestman mastered Holly Robinson-Peete
 Holly Robinson
John Vestman mastered Face
 Baby Face
 John Vestman mastered Kid Frost
 Kid Frost
John Vestman mastered Kyra Sedgwick
 Kyra Sedgwick
John Vestman CD Mastering - Juice Newton - American Girl
Juice Newton:
American Girl
John Vestman CD Mastering - Ambrosia Live
Classic Rock

John Vestman mastered Lesiem - Billboard Top 10 Artist
Billboard Top 10

Thomas Barnette - Mastered by John Vestman
Thomas Barnette
HD Separation Mastering

John Vestman CD Mastering - Fly- The Miracle Project
Fly Into Autism
The Miracle Project

Terry Bradford - Duet Partner with Celine Dion (5 years)
Terry Bradford
Duet partner with
Celine Dion (5 years)

John Vestman mastered Brazil's A cappella BR6
Brazil's award-
winning Br6
Nina Atwood - Nationally Recognized Author, Coach

Nina Atwood

Nationally Recognized Author, Coach
Dr. John Gray - Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
Dr. John Gray

John Gray - Audio programs produced by John Vestman

John Vestman - John Gray

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John Vestman           John Vestman Mastering
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Doing some research can save you time

Major artists are fed up with MP3s and less-than-fabulous sound. Computers, Smartphones and internet services are faster - so now HIGH-RESOLUTION AUDIO is in demand. Mastered for iTunes has been a great start.

Your product deserves the same attention to detail that is available with LOSSLESS STREAMING services such as Tidal. The reviews will produce discussions, to be sure, but the trend is undeniable.

With Apple's Sound Check and VOLUME-MATCHING FEATURES now found on YouTube, iTunes Radio and more - the loudness war will be substantially less important. Better sounding music will prevail. New high-resolution audio players will replace the iPod for the more discerning listner. We are here to make your sound Future-Ready.

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"Your dedication... is the mark of a great mastering engineer."
--Erik Zobler - Grammy Award winning engineer (Anita Baker, etc.)

"John is on par with the best."
--Francis Buckley - Grammy for "Q's Jook Joint" with Quincy Jones,
The Pointer Sisters, Paula Abdul, Alanis Morisette, Aerosmith

"Your MASTER outscored a big mastering house on the East Coast."
--Dieter Schulthess, CORE 22, Switzerland

"We picked your services over two Grammy-filled L.A. studios."
--Ryan Hafer - engineer - Coach House Records

    John Vestman - Violinist   
John Vestman has continuously provided audio mastering services to clients ranging from record labels, to local musicians, to Gold & Platinum Grammy-winning artists for over fifteen years. For 20 years prior to mastering, he was one of the first recording engineers to use audiophile listening systems in a professional recording studio.

John Vestman also created Nautilus Master Technology, a high-end audio equipment line that has won “Certified Hit” kudos from major recording industry magazines. Vestman’s attention to detail is reflected in his audio technology and cutting-edge methods which are in use every day in his state-of-the-art CD audio mastering and mixing rooms.

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